You asked for it :)

You asked for it :)

I’m super excited about the direction that my shop is moving! It has been something I have been so nervous about but things are going just as I have hoped! It sure is a lot of work to put yourself out there! Especially with something that you have worked so hard on and hoped that the response you will get back is all you imagined!

THANK YOU to everyone that has supported me thus far in this journey! Whether you have made a purchase, help to spread the news or have offered me words of encouragement, THANK YOU! You have made it all worth it!

One of the number one things I have heard since opening my shop is that you want to see more sizes! While I specialize in toddler age clothes I also want to give you what you are wanting!

I am really excited to announce that I am working on adding more sizes to my shop! Right now I am specifically adding poppy skirts. While most of our items are still ONE OF A KIND you will see skirts in the following sizes on our website very soon (some are already listed, like our pink arrow skirt!)






Here is our first skirt that is available the shop right now in sizes 12m/18m, 18m/24m and 2/3


I can’t wait to show you all of the fun new prints I am working on! Keep checking back! Be sure to FOLLOW the shop on instagram so you don’t miss any updates!!


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