Studio Renovation and Plywood Flooring

Studio Renovation and Plywood Flooring

Yesterday I shared a peek into my home! I hope you loved it! It has come together just as I imagined and we love our little space, even though it is crowded with a 1 year old getting into everything! Today I wanted to give you a glimpse at the renovation! Just a warning the photos are not so picturesque but they show the hard work that went into the space!

Here are the before picture of the space:



my brother- in- law was using the space as a media room previously. They were willing to give that up for a little bit :) Yeah!



Now onto the demolition.  First we had to rip up the carpet and a glued plywood floor that was laid on top of about 1/3 of the subfloor!



Such a mess! This part took forever and was a little bit of a set back that we weren’t expecting!


Next the guys did all the framing and wall building, while I supervised :)

IMG_6726The making of Jack’s tiny room. And when I say tiny I mean tiny 😉


Jack was such a big helper 😉 Look how tiny he is!!!!

The plywood had to be ripped and sanded before we could lay it down. We probably could have had home depot rip the boards but Brian was determined to do it himself! I think he was just excited to have his table saw again since it had been in storage for 9 months! I have seen people do this both ways, sanding first then laying the floor down or laying the floor down and then sanding. The latter sounded way too messy so we sanded first!

This is what it looked like:


IMG_7728some of the boards waiting to be sanded! There were A LOT of boards! The room we did was just under 600 sqft! We used 18 sheets of plywood ripped into 8in planks! Thats 108 boards that had to be sanded! AHHHHH

Once all the boards were ripped and sanded we started laying them down. We glued each board down with liquid nail and then used the nail gun and brad nails to secure the boards onto the sub floor. We didn’t put anything between the planks and the sub floor and we haven’t had any problems with squeaking so that is good :)




(a peek into what is going to be Jacks little room)


IMG_7738ALL THE BOARDS FINALLY DOWN! This was a long process but so rewarding to see it come together!

After all the boards were laid we went through and caulked the spaces between the boards. We had a few hiccups so some of the spaces between the boards were bigger then we wanted. We decided it would be best to caulk them since we were going to white wash the floors in the end. I’m glad it didn’t take away from the “farm house” floor look I was hoping for!

After the floor was down we white washed it (part primer part water)



The final step was to seal the floor. We used 3 coats of a clear polyurethane.



Look at that beautiful finish!!!! Love it!

And it was actually kind of fun and  fulfilling just creating it ourselves !

Goes to show,  you can make your own beautiful space out of pretty much anywhere!

The hardest part was waiting for the polyurethane to cure so we could move everything in and decorate!

So if you’ve been holding back thinking a great space can’t be had in your current circumstances

think again! And just give it a try !

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