Hello world!

Hello world!


I am so excited about this new adventure I am taking! I have always loved making things. I grew up watching my mom sew (she’s amazing by the way), and she has been a big help when it came to pursuing this idea to open my own shop. 

I wanted to take some time today and tell you more about “Lucy and Doyle” and how my shop came to be. I have toyed with different ideas of things to make and sell…necklaces, scarves, handmade cards… and over the past 4 years have sold at vintage markets, etsy shops, and various outlets and while I still love making all of these things nothing seemed the perfect fit for what I wanted to put a name to.


Then a few summers ago my mom and I made some maxi skirts. Maxi skirts were quickly becoming one of my favorite things to wear! I loved how comfortable they were and how easy they were to dress up or down.  That summer I was visiting my brother and sister-in-law in California and for fun we decided to make a mini maxi skirt for my cute niece, she was around 2 at the time. To no surprise she loved it! We weren’t sure how it would affect her movement, but were happy that the skirt didn’t seem to get in the way of her active little life.  Her mini maxi quickly became her favorite outfit of choice just like me! She wanted to wear it all the time so we made her a few more in different colors and patterns.


     I started thinking all little girls should have one of these to wear! And so from there the idea for my shop came to be.  And “Lucy and Doyle” took off.  I have been spending a lot of time working on the mini maxi skirt, finding great fabrics and sewing like crazy! I wanted to take time to get things just right before making my site live because well to be honest I’m a perfectionist. But good things come from waiting like the idea to add in poppy skirts (short cotton skirts), and vintage bow ties for little guys. You can read more about them on my site !


            One of these days I’ll explain more about the name of my shop “Lucy and Doyle” such as where it came from and why I chose it.  It’s pretty special. But that’s a blog for another day!

Thank you so much for checking out my shop! Whether you are just looking, thinking of buying something for your own little one or something as a gift I hope you love what you see!


                                            <3 Ashley

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