Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Daddy’s out there!

Obviously I don’t sell stuff for dads, but I do sell stuff for those cute kids of yours that those daddys love!

I figured I with it being Fathers Day I would take a minute and tell you about my bow ties! Even though they aren’t for dads, most ofmy vintage bow ties come from a “dad” that is very special to me!


I make two types of bow ties. My standard bow ties are made of new cotton fabric that I love! I have a son of my own and I have LOVE being able to find neat prints to make bow ties for him. I take the same time and care when picking out fabric for the bow ties that I sell as I do my sons bow ties!

The vintage bow ties that I make are made from REAL vintage ties. I love our vintage ties so much. I have always loved tie patterns and there is just something about a GOOD vintage tie. Most of the vintage bow ties original came from ties that were my Grandpa Richardson. That is why I call them the LaVar bow tie, named after him.  My grandpa is very special to me. He was the best grandpa when I was little! When I was only 9 years old he passed away. I remember that week (after his stroke) like it was yesterday and it was almost 20 years ago! I remember being so sad and missing him so much. I was little and didn’t really understand more then that he was gone. Even though my Grandpa passed away when I was little he still has been a big part of my life. In just those short 9 years he taught me so much and the stories that I have been told about him help me to know him better. I also know that even though he is gone from this earth he is watching over me (and all of his family). I know that my Grandpa would support me 100% with my business if he was alive today. He would be so excited to know that his ties are being used in a way that is helping to fund research that will someday be able to help fight the awful disease that my Grandma and Great Uncle have had to live with.

I hope that as you look through our collection you will find patterns, colors and prints that you like! I know that you will be happy with any of our bow ties, vintage or standard! They are an essential piece of any little guys wardrobe!


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